Someone asked me who did I look up to when I was younger. The first person I could remember was Kobe Bryant. Not just because he was an amazing NBA player but because of his work ethic.

Looking back I realized there was no one who looked like me that was in any type of technology, creative space, or even entrepreneurs. After attending the first AfroTech hosted by Blavity in 2016 I was blown away at all the talented individuals in the tech industry who looked like me. That was one of the most empowering experiences in my life and It was at that moment the 10 year old Kyle was overwhelmed with excitement. I wanted to share feeling of excitement and empowerment with other people who are underrepresented. 

FWD Thinkrs is an easy way to find inspiration from successful underrepresented individuals that are crushing it in their industry. Having someone to look up to that looks like you gives you hope. The goal is to spread that hope and empowerment to others because sometimes that just what you need to get you to that next level.


Contact: fwdthinkrs@gmail