Jason Mayden


🥇 2018 @reddotaward_productdesign
⚡️ CEO + Co-Founder @superheroic
⛰ Co-Founder @trilliconvalley
✍🏾 Fmr. @nike @jumpman23 @stanfordgsb

Mayden is the CEO and Co-Founder of Super Heroic Inc. a business focused on creating quality play performance product, technology and services for elementary school aged children and families. He also designs shoes for MJ,Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, Derek Jeter, and Michael Jordan.

Learn more about Jason and ho we became a designer at Jordan Brand by watching the videos below.

Former Nike Designer Jason Mayden shares his strategies for improving introspection and harnessing child-like curiosity in this episode of Impact Theory. PULL QUOTES "The separation between where I want to go and where I am is my work ethic." [3:00] "When you are tested you are given the ability to have a testimony.
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