Mandela SH Dixon


CEO @FounderGym‬ 👩🏽‍💻 .                                              📸As seen in Forbes, Wired magazine, TechCrunch 🎤Speaker at Google, Facebook, Uber

She is the Founder/CEO of FounderGym, an online training center for underrepresented founders who want to build successful tech startups‬. She's been in Forbes, Wired magazine, and. TechCrunch. Also a speaker at Google, Facebook, Uber.

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Learn more about Jason and ho we became a designer at Jordan Brand by watching the videos below.

Mandela has quite an impressive resume in supporting entrepreneurship. In this talk, she reminds us all that formal education is a social construct and that it's about time we hone in on our power to construct it differently.

The best entrepreneurs have what I call.

"The 4 M's" 1.Motivation 2.Management 3.Money 4.Malleability